Ḏawurr (Honey Bee) is the boarding school attached to Nhulunbuy High School and it was developed to provide Aboriginal students with equality of access to secondary schooling, whilst remaining within their region to counter the difficulties faced by students who travel away from home and suffer from disconnection from culture and country. It was named and formally opened by the Rirratjingu clan group, who's land Ḏawurr is built on. The famlies who have sent their children to Ḏawurr hope that their children will learn the skills needed to navigate mainstream Australia.  Ḏawurr caters for 40 students, and currently they come from Yirrkala, Gunyungarra, Dhalinybuy, Garthalala, Galiwin’ku, Waurruwi and Croker Island.  Ḏawurr is in its third year of operation.